5 Most Awkward Things About Getting A Massage

May 28, 2019

5 Most Awkward Things About Getting A Massage

Massages are wonderful! Aside from being relaxing, it offers a wide range of benefits, too. Massages help improve blood circulation, help with stress, chronic pain, and anxiety. 

It also helps people struggling with cancer and under treatment, reduce the symptoms, as well as attenuating the negative side effect of the treatment. 

However, like all great things, there are always some downsides, too. One of the many downsides of getting a massage is the occasional awkwardness. Massages, especially Nuru massage, tend to have its good stuff and awkwardness twisted at some point. 

However, it’s important that you get prepared for such awkward moments, and here are the top 5 most awkward things that happen when getting a massage. 

1 - Passing gas 

This one of the many things everyone is scared of happening, but if it eventually does, it seems like the world is coming to an end. Without prior warning, passing gas can just occur, perhaps because you are really relaxed or have dozed off. The next couple of minutes or hours may feel like the worst time in your entire existence. 

“If it does happen, you should know it’s completely normal to pass gas while having a massage session,” says Natalie Johnson, a certified massage therapist. However, this does not mean letting them rip during the whole session is right. 

2 - Snoring and drooling 

Another awkward outcome of dozing off during a massage session realizes you are buried in a pool of your drool or have been snoring for the past couple of minutes. Of course, it’s not a decent picture, and, you have to find a way to stay off your drool without the masseuse being aware or give some excuse to why you have been snoring loudly. 

3 - Erections 

Men would understand that the penis sometimes decides on its own without your consent. Often, this can be embarrassing to find that you have absolutely no control over its action. 

This is a common occurrence for men, especially those within 18 - 40 years of age. They find it even more challenging to keep the penis from taking inappropriate decisions during a massage session. Most times, it does not mean they have sexy thought, but the organ, as said above, has a mind of its own with no regards to your decision. 

4 - Moaning

This awkward thing, moaning, during a massage is absolutely normal. It’s absolutely okay to feel the relaxing and soothing effects of massaging, which often result in accidentally letting the feelings out an “ah,” “ooh,” “oh, hmmm,” “yes, baby! 

5 - Underwear getting in the way 

Although it’s crucial to get as stripped down as you are comfortable with, however, for massaging specific points such as buttocks and hips, the underwear just makes it difficult to get it done properly. Thus, the masseue may ask you to remove it, which makes it awkward being told to get wholly stripped down, and having to come up with several excuses why you don't want to do that.