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Nuru Massage Wiki (How To)

There are a few simple steps to make your Nuru Massage experience sensual, slippery, erotic and enjoyable. Take a look below to see what you can do to get slippery!


First, inflate and place a Nuru Air Mattress in a room where the temperature will remain warm throughout the duration of the massage session. The ideal temperature ranges between 75 F and 80 F, which can be adjusted by the masseuse and massage recipient. 

Once the mattress lies in place, place a large towel across the head of the Nuru Air Mattress. Next, lay down two smaller towels on a side table close by, one of which will be placed underneath Nuru Massage Wood Bowl. leaving the other towel available for cleanup.

Often, both massage partners will wish to take a relaxing hot bath together right prior to their Nuru Massage. Before entering the hot bath, submerge one 16 oz. bottle of Magic Gel™ into hot water in a nearby sink and leave it there for the duration of the bath. When you emerge from the bath, pour the contents of the bottle into the Nuru Massage Wood Bowl and add a small amount of hot water to achieve the desired temperature and consistency. Be aware that the gel is water-soluble and will loose its potent slippery properties if too much water is added to the solution. Smaller bottles of nuru massage gel are available for localized massages.

Be certain to create the right illumination and atmosphere for the massage. Some prefer to reduce lighting sources and create an intimate private setting, while others will prefer to use bright illumination.


Now that everything that you need is ready for a sensual Nuru Massage session, it’s time to have fun! Both partners should take a long, hot, luxurious shower, tub or hot tub. And remember that generous sensual foreplay is essential step before you begin you Nuru Massage.

Once you both leave the shower, tub or hot tub, be sure to stay wet! One of you will immediately lie on a Nuru Air Mattress, while the other will pour the warmed nuru massage gel directly into the Nuru Massage Wood Bowl and place it over one of the small towels by the mattress. If a Nuru Air Mattress is not available, you can use the product over your bed, on Polyurethane Mattress Sheets to allow you both to slide on the bed, otherwise, regular sheets will also work. Our product will not stain mattresses or carpets.

The masseuse will now begin playing with nuru massage gel by pouring it over his or her body. This is by far the sexiest step of the process – think of it as a sensual, slippery, private striptease just for your partner! Then, the masseuse pours and Massage nuru massage gel on the Massage recipient and provides deep, relaxing massage.

Now the fun part – the super slipper body-to-body massage! Once you both are completely covered with nuru massage gel, the person on top grabs the head of the bed firmly slides up and down the other person’s body. You have entered the wild and wonderful world of Nuru Massage!

Enjoy your sensational Nuru Massage every time with nuru massage gel!

-The Team